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Sugar free snack for adults, kids, and athletes…Ketone Jellies/Gummies

By now everyone has heard about the Keto Diet, but maybe it sounds too restrictive or difficult to follow. This is one quick example of how to fuel your body with ketones and elevate ketones in less than 60 minutes, while preserving muscle and improving energy, sugar cravings, sleep, focus and mood…

This is one snack that we keep at eye level in the fridge for our 3 year old so she can reach for nutrition and satisfying foods…

2 cups warm water
4 Tablespoons Gelatin
1 Package of Pure Therapeutic Ketones

– Stir the gelatin and pure therapeutic together
– add water and stir until the powders are dissolved
– pour into silicone jelly mould and place in fridge for 2 hours

*can be eaten as is, or top with heavy whip cream

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