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About MCT 143 Oil | JoeKeto

About MCT 143 Oil

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0:00 Introduction


5:30 What is the Reboot? How can it help you body?

7:30 How much MCT 143 Oil should you take during the day?

8:15 Can you use Keto Kreme and MCT 143 in the same day?

8:40 Can you do MCT 143 Oil and Ketones at the same time?

9:00 Can you take supplements while on exogenous ketones?

9:35 If you are taking exogenous ketones, will it elevate your blood pressure?

11:10 Can KETO//KALM help me sleep?

11:40 Should you be concerned if you are drinking exogenous ketones causing kidney stones?

12:35 What happens if we are taking ketones and still doing a high carb diet? 13:40 Questions about protein shakes?

14:20 KETO//NAT!!

16:30 Questions about autism and ADHD?

17:25 Does the ketogenic diet not help with adults that have epilepsy?

18:20 Thyroid and exogenous ketones?

19:25 Autoimmune issues and exogenous ketones?

20:35 Can ketones trigger colitis?

21:20 How long do you stay in ketosis when taking exogenous ketones? 22:25 Is the Reboot necessary? How often should you do it?

23:25 What are we looking for when measuring ketone levels?

24:10 Diabetes and exogenous ketones? Is it safe for diabetics?

25:50 Can exogenous ketones/ketogenic diet helps with IVF?

26:55 Hormone imbalance? Menopause? POS?

28:19 Can being on exogenous ketones effect medications?

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